Job first or vVsa first

Job first or Visa first?

Job first or Visa first. This is a chicken or egg question. Many people have asked me this question and it seemed confusing for many when they are contemplating to migrate to Australia. 

It is important to have a stable job, after all someone has to work to bring food on the table.

If you happened to the few lucky ones to be able to find an employer in Australia to sponsor to work in Australia, you have secured yourself a job in Australia. In this case, job first then the employer sponsored visa. 

Securing a job in Australia outside Australia is never easy. Without a local residential address in Australia, most employers in Australia aren’t really keen.  You can certainly try to submit an expression of interest for subclass of visas such as 186 or 187, but you might end up finding yourself waiting for a suitable employer or State Government to sponsor you but to no avail.  

A better approach would be to find a suitable visa first before attempting to find a job in Australia.  The Australian Immigration law requires everyone to hold a valid visa that would allow them to live and work in Australia. 

My best advise for those coming to Australia without a job, make sure you have sufficient money to survive for at least 1 year. Find a job takes time. Don't expect to be hire immediately when you are new to the country and nobody knows you. Be realistic but not too harsh on yourself. 
You can only have a job in Australia first if you have a suitable employer in Australia to sponsor you to live and work in Australia.  In all other cases, an Australian visa would be your top priority.


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