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I want to work in Australia but which Australian Visa is for me?

Australia is a beautiful country and offers lots of opportunities for overseas migrants to migrate. There are so many different subclass of visas available in Australia. The question for many would be: I want to work in Australia but which Australian visa for me?  
As a Registered Migration Agent, I cannot give you a straight forward answer. Everyone is different and everyone has their own background and unique situation. depend on your personal circumstance, your age, your qualifications and work experience (this includes your employment history However, I can certainly give you some guidance as to which Australia visa to choose from.

Most overseas potential candidate with relevant qualifications and employment history might want to consider the General Skilled Migration. Under the General Skilled Migration- the subclass of visas are
Visa 189 (Skilled Independent) – This is a Permanent Resident option which does that requires the applicant to be nominated by an Australia…

How to find a job in Australia? Where to start?

How to Write the Perfect Job Description

How to Write the Perfect Job Description
For Labour Market Testing, it is important that you write the perfect job description to ensure that you are attracting the right applicants.  When submitting the Labour Market Testing Report to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, DIBP, a case officer will not only look at the ‘Applicant Review Summary’ but also at the role, responsibilities as well as requirements that are on the job advertisements.

It is important to note that the job description for Labour Market Testing should be written in line with that of Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, ANZSCO.

To write the perfect job description, you would need to include following information: Background Information of the Hiring CompanyBy providing information of the hiring company, applicants will have a better idea of the industry tha…