How to find a job in Australia? Where to start?

This is a question I believe is at the back of the mind of those thinking of coming to work and live  in Australia.

First, I must say, there is no 'easy way' to get a job if you don't have experience in the local market, and especially, if you do not have a local residential address. Trying to apply for a job in Australia without a local residential address would cast doubts among employers in Australia about your intention to stay. 

If you are seriously keen to find a job in Australia, sort out your Australian visa issues first. Remember, without a valid Australian visa, you cannot work or live here either temporarily or permanently. 

Employers in Australia would want to make sure you have the legal right to work and live in Australia. It is illegal for anyone to hire someone without a valid visa. 

Even for those in Australia, there is no easy way to find a job in your field of study. The reason is simple- competition! 

My recommendation is for you to start planning and devise a strategy to achieve your goals.
Start researching about your industry in Australia. What's your expertise? You can start your research by accessing websites such as Seek or Career One, Adzuna, Indeed and search for jobs in your industry. 

Do your research on what companies are looking for in an ideal candidate. 

Start building your knowledge base about Australia, gather reliable information about universities, courses, visa and job opportunities.

For those who are interested in looking for an Australian visa, please feel free to contact Mobile Migration Consultancy


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