What is involved in a migration process

Migration to Australia requires time and money commitment. Migration agent professional fee can be expensive. Like I said in my first posting, I am one of the cheapest migration agents in Australia. The fees from the department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia can be pretty expensive depending on which subclass of visa you are interested in.

Time commitment- are you prepared to spend your time getting all the documents organised and certified by a notary public? U will be required to do all sorts of preparation and running around to get all your stuff organised. If u decide to appoint me as your registered migration agent, i will be checking on you making sure you do all your homework whilst guiding you along. U wont be left alone for sure!

If you are not prepared to invest your time, energy and money, I suggest you continue to remain in whatever country you are living now. Migration comes with a price tag. 


  1. My family and I have just lodged a recent visa application and awaiting the outcome from the Case Officer (C.O). Throughout this time, Angeline has been with us and patiently advising us with every step. Migration does come with an unusually huge price tag BUT with Angeline's aid and guidance, our financial burdens and emotional stresses were reduced by quite a fair bit.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Cynthia. Pleasure to help.


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