Secret to secure an invite for visa 189/190

The skilled Migrant visa of Australia is the most common and popular subclass of visa among skilled workers and professionals around the world. As a registered Migration Agent, I often receive enquires about how to go about successfully apply for these two subclass of visa. The skilled migrant visas are divided into two subclasses- visa 189 and 190.

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
Visa 189 is a points tested skilled visa that does not require any sponsorship from an employer in Australia or any states in Australia. It offers you permanent residency in Australia, which means, through this visa, you can live, work, or study anywhere in Australia. 

State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190
 Visa 190 is a points tested state sponsored visa that requires an applicant to be nominated by a State in Australia.  Similar to visa 189, this subclass of visa also allows you permanent residency in Australia. Unlike visa 189, this visa requires you to live, work or study in the State that nominated you to be a permanent resident in Australia. Under this subclass of visa, you are to commit yourself to living in the state that nominates you for two years before you can live, work or study anywhere in Australia.   

While most clients I had successfully met the criteria to apply, all of them wanted to maximise their chances of receiving an invite to apply. What is the secret of being able to successfully improve your chance of an invite for visa 180 & 190?   

1       Frist come first serve
When the Immigration Department receives two or more applications with similar score, the first application lodge will have the priority. The timing of the application always matters.

2    Calculate the right point
It is important before submitting your expression of interest (EOI) to apply
you calculate your points correctly and wisely. One of the major pitfalls of DIY applicants is over generously scoring their points. Giving yourself an excessive score means submitting an erroneous expression of interest which can lead to an invalidation of your application.

It is also important that when calculating your points, you must be able to provide evidence to support the points you calculated.

3  Edit your expression of interest
Once you have submitted your EOI, it is possible for you to edit your expression of interest before you receive an invite to apply. Remember a high score will put you on the top of getting an invite. You can always re take your English Language test to achieve higher score. Once you have a higher score update you EOI.

If you wish to know how to improve your points on the points test system, please contact


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