how to apply for an Australian Visa

I am a Singaporean, migrated to Australia about 20 years ago. I am currently the owner of a small Migration Consultancy in Australia. I started Mobile Migration Consultancy about a year ago. Prior to doing so, I worked in various law firms, doing different areas of laws. I am currently a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1685514) in Australia.

I created this blog with the aim of  assisting those who are considering applying for an Australian visa

As some of you might know, the Australian government had recently tightened the rules for overseas migrants to come to Australia. If you are seriously looking into applying for an Australian visa,

Here are some important advice for you

The most common visa for migrants to come and work in Australia is applying for a skilled migrant visa
Before considering applying for a skilled migrant visa (visa 189/190). Visa 189/190 are point tested visa. The current passing points for these two subclass of visa is 60, with exceptions for Accountant, Software Engineer, ICT business analyst.

1) Choose an occupation that is closely related to your qualifications and work experience.

2) Make sure you work experience is closely related to your educational qualifications.

3) Most of the professional occupations such as engineering, nursing, HR manager required a tertiary qualification- if you re a certificate or diploma holders, consider upgrading yourself.

4) Gain more years of working experience before consider applying.

5) For those from Non English Speaking background, you really have to work hard to improve your English Language Skill. Some of my clients have asked me to how well they should perform in their English Language test. Well, in general, the four main components you will be tested in the English Language test will be Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

If you are taking IELTS, you should score 7 or higher on each components. A '7' on each of the component means you would score 10 points on the points test system. If you are taking PTE Academic, you should score at least 65+ for the test.

Should you need further information, please feel free to post your queries or comments, or email me at or visit our website at


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    1. May I know if the chance of getting a visa via agent is higher?

  2. Hi Nurafidah

    A migration agent can certainly give u useful advise on how to prepare and lodge your application. He or she has the knowledge of what is crucial when preparing for your visa application. However I must honestly say as an agent myself I possess no magical power. So far those clients whom I assisted were successful with their skill assessments. There are also those not successful cos they either could not provide enough evidence or went against my advise and chose the wrong occupation.

    My advise is if u are not in confident in preparing your vis application and along the way u need someone to guide your along and the use have no time to do it all by yourself, I strong suggest u pay an agent to do it all for u. Paying the extra thousands of dollars can give u a stress free nights.

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