When do I need a bridging visa?

What is a bridging visa? A bridging visa is basically a temporary visa that allows u to live in Australia whilst u wait for your substantive visa application to be approved in Australia.
The most common bridging visas are;
Bridging visa A-This visa is granted to u automatically after u submitted your substantive visa application. However it does not allow u to return to Australia if u leave.
Bridging visa B-This visa allows u to re-enter whilst your substantive visa is being processed, provided u return to Australia within the specified travel period.
Bridging visa C- This visa can be granted if u lodge an application for a substantive visa but do not currently hold a substantive visa.
Bridging visa D- This temporary visa allows u to stay in Australia for a short period of time until u are able to make a substantive visa application.
Bridging visa E- if your substantive visa has ended, this visa allows u to stay in Australia whilst u make preparations to leave the country.

So when do I need a bridging visa? The answer is for bridging visa B, if you are waiting for the outcome of your substantive visa application, and you need to leave the country, you would need a Bridging Visa B to re enter the country.  Most bridging visa is granted to you after you lodged your substantive visa. Please check DIBP website for more information.

* The above  is not a legal advise, but for general information only.


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