What is a points test ?

Some of my clients whilst interesting in applying for a skilled migrant visa, they are not sure how or if they meet the criteria.

First of all, you need to understand the skilled migrant visas , namely subclass 189- Skilled independent visa or subclass 190- State Nominated visa, (subclass 489-skilled regional (provisional) visa are points tested.

So what is a points test?

The points test is used to help Australia select people who have the skills and attributes it needs.
The number of points you need to pass the points test depends on the visa you apply for.
You can be given points for a number of reasons, including your:
  • skills
  • age
  • English language ability
  • occupation
  • Australian work experience and Australian qualifications. 
 Currently most occupation required you to score at least 60 points on the points test, with the exception of some occupations which requires an applicant to have a higher score on the points test.

Basically, if you apply for visa 189, you are not given extra 5 points, but for visa 190, you are going extra 5 points and 10 points for applying for visa 489.

In terms of age, the points range from  25 to 15, depending on your age group. The older you are, the less point you gained for your age. 

If you have read my earlier post, you will learn that you need to score at least a '7'  on each of the component for your IELTS to score a 10 points on the points test and at least 65+ on each of the component for PTE Academic to score a 10 points on the points test.

For those who have studied at least two years full time in Australia, you would be able to claim points on the points test. Sorry for those who did their studies externally thru an Australian University, you wont be able to  claim any points for tour Australian Education.

If you have worked in Australian for at least a year, again you can claim your points, and those who do not, you can only rely on your overseas work experience. U would need at least three years of overseas working experience to claim the points.

How about those who are married? If your pouse can prove that he/she is
1) Less than 50
2) Show he/she has competent English (score at least 6 on IELTS)
3) Pass the skilled assessment

then you will be able to claim extra 5 points on your spouse's skill.


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